Light Towing services with Abrams in Toronto.

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Light Towing

Road Service

Abrams offers the largest fleet of light-duty towing vehicles in Canada. All of our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art under-lifts which means there’s no chance your vehicle will suffer any damage from being towed. It also means fast, precision hook-ups to get the job done quickly.

Whenever there’s a traffic delay on the GTA’s highways and bi-ways, there’s a good chance that a familiar red and white Abrams tow truck is on the scene helping to clear up the mess. That’s because, with literally dozens and dozens and dozens of our red and white trucks on call around the GTA, there’s never one too far from any traffic snarl. Our trucks can also be seen in numerous cities throughout Southern Ontario including Windsor.

Our customers depend on Abrams Services to handle their personal towing needs. Abrams provides fast, courteous and professional service that guarantees you’ll have a worry-free experience.

Underground Towing

When your vehicle has let you down in an underground parking garage call Abrams. We have low underground trucks with drivers who specialize in underground towing. Whether it be your families mini-van or an expensive sports car rely on Abrams to safely remove your vehicle from the underground parking garage and tow it to it’s destination.

Private Property Removal

Parking is always an issue in many municipalities leading to unauthorized vehicles being parked on your property. Abrams specializes in the legal removal or relocation of those vehicles so you can go back to your business. We work with police services, parking enforcement, security companies and property management companies to quickly remove any vehicles from underground and above parking garages, private parking lots, pay parking lots, fire routes etc. For all your private property needs give us a call.

Accident and Recovery

They say everyone that drives will be involved in at least one car accident in their lifetime. One way to prepare for this is to have emergency phone numbers available and programmed into your phone. Emergency and non-emergency, and remember if there is no injuries and your not obstructing traffic you should call the non-emergency number instead of 911.

Call Abrams 1-888-685-4444

Program our number into your phone and call us no matter where you are we can assist you in receiving service.

Abrams specializes in accidents and recoveries with Police contracts in numerous cities and regions throughout Southern Ontario.